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Testimonial of the owner Maarten Rigter
Since 1994, my focus is on SHE (Safety, Health and Environmental) systems. My first project consisted of implementing a BS (British Standard) 7750 management system at a chemical plant. Part of my work has been done as employee for the certification body Bureau Veritas. After this period, I started working as independent consultant.

In my activities, I focus on environmental and quality management systems, like:

  • drafting information forms for environmental permits
  • environmental auditing
  • designing and improving ISO 9000 quality systems
  • designing and improving ISO 14001
  • environmental systems and training employees in this context

In 2004, TÜV Nederland, the Dutch part of the TÜV Nord Group, qualified me as Lead auditor for:

  • ISO 9001 quality managements systems, as well as....
  • ISO 14001 environmental managements systems

For TÜV, I have performed audits in various European countries. At present, I am working as Lead auditor and assessor for SGS. Additionally, my specialised consultancy work consists of the following points of attention:

  • CSR
  • ISO 14001 and 9001
  • FSC - PEFC
  • Sustainable procurement

Advisory services on 'Circular Economy'

Recycling logo At present, a new revolutionary concept is being developed to combat the economical crises and make a breakthrough towards a real sustainable economy: the circular economy, which is a practical vision of an economy in loops, or 'circular economy'. This vision includes the impact of the economy on job creation, economic competitiveness, resource savings and waste prevention.

Triple P Solutions can offer consulting services in this field.

Sources of information are, amongst others, the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, articles about the biobased economy and contacts with leading figures of the movement like Günther Pauli.

Via the tab 'Circular Economy' at this website, you can find a brief introduction into the concept.